Touchless Thermometers - Case of 50 - Starting at $12.50/thermometer

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10 units
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Our touchless thermometers are battery operated and easy to use. Simply point the infrared thermometer at the forehead and receive an instant body temperature reading. Perfect for keeping the workplace, school, or store safe. Just check the temperatures of all visitors to ensure that everyone that enters is healthy. Since they are non-contact, this helps to reduce the spread of disease, and they are hand held which makes for a seamless disinfecting process.

In addition to reading body temperatures in as little as half of a second, these thermometers can also read the temperatures of objects and liquids to avoid any workplace mishaps such as getting burns on the skin from hot liquids or surfaces.

Key features:
  • non-contact
  • battery operated
  • instant body temperature results
  • easy to use
  • can read liquid temperature
  • can read object temperature
  • reads in Celcius and Fahrenheit
Pricing overview:
Quantity Price per thermometer Price per case (50 thermometers/case)
1 $12.50 $625.00
2-5 $11.25 $562.50
6-10 $10.00 $500.00
For orders over 10 cases, please request a quote.

For your own safety, PPE items cannot be returned. 
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